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ICH513 Romania VFR 1:500 000 Chart – North East

Romania VFR 1:500 000 Chart – North East - Pilot Shop.Romania

Product description:

VFR Romania Edition 4.0 Edition - Added and Revised 
Date Aeronautical Information July 2017

The updated VFR Map of Romania 1: 500,000 is the first product of the collaboration between AROPA - the Romanian Association of Aviation Operators, Pilotshop.ro and the non-profit Open Flight Maps organization and is part of a wider program of navigation products using updated and verified data being the first VFR map made at private initiative in Romania, comprising: airspace, navigational means, ATC units (Air Traffic Control) and 22 airports / aerodromes published in AIP, 41 aerodromes functional but not certified; military aerodromes and 3 non-functional aerodromes (emergency only).

Scale: 1: 500,000 
Dimensions: 17 cm Height x 12.5 cm Width 
Deployed: 68 cm Height x 100 cm Width


  • 22 Airports / Aerodromes published AIP
  • 41 Functional aerodromes
  • 3 Military aerodromes
  • 3 Inoperative aerodromes (emergency).

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