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FAA151 PitotShield 3/4 inch round

Product description:

Fits: Cessna 150, 152, 172, 177, 182, 200 Series 337.

Featured in Aviation Safety magazine, the patented PitotShield™ pitot cover is designed specifically for light general aviation aircraft. The first and only pitot cover designed to self-disengage from the pitot tube if left on prior to takeoff, the PitotShield™ is used by thousands of pilots worldwide. 


  • Release from pitot tube at specific velocity, falling away harmlessly
  • Offer low-cost protection for pilots and passengers.
  • Provide full protection of pitot tube from contamination while plane is on the ground
  • Feature high-visibility, durable vinyl construction with teflon inserts
  • Come in designs for both blade- and round-type pitot tubes
  • Will float if disengaged during water takeoffs

PitotShields™ fit a wide range of light general aviation aircraft, including:

  • Aero Commander
  • Beech
  • Cessna 100-200-300-336-337-400
  • Citation
  • Columbia 450
  • Grumman American
  • Learjet
  • Lockheed Jetstar
  • Maule (Early)
  • Piper
  • And many more.

PitotShield™ Release
Self-disengaging at specific velocity, falls away harmlessly.

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