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EAA160 CD 6 – Pooleys Air Presentations, Communications Powerpoint

CD 6 – Pooleys Air Presentations, Communications Powerpoint - Pooleys

Product description:

Pooleys PowerPoint Presentation Communications CD 6. Pooleys EASA PPL Groundschool - To accompany the Air Pilot's Manuals.

These slides are intended to assist anyone wishing to obtain a Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence, essential if you intend to use aircraft radio equipment. Covering all aspects required in the written and practical examinations, these slides are ideal tool to prepare candidates whether interested in private or commercial flying. Conforms to all the requirements of CAP 413.

The author's background in ATC, flying instruction and RTF Examination, provides a complete overview of the skill necessary to communicate efficiently in the air. The PowerPoint presentations allow you to teach using a computer screen but also allows the student to work through the presentation at their own pace (283 Slides).

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