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PPM050 Meteorology - David Cockburn

Meteorology - David Cockburn - Pooleys

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This book, the fourth in the series, has been produced primarily to assist an applicant for a Private Pilot's Licence in the study for the Meteorology examination. It is not intended as a complete course of study, but is designed to act as a guide to the main points in the syllabus. However, it is also intended to help those who have already passed the examination by giving them a document to which they can refer in order to achieve safe and practical flights as private pilots, and in addition can serve as a useful first step towards the knowledge required for professional pilot qualifications.

The most important parts , especially those relating directly to safety, are covered in detail. However, the coverage of parts which the author considers less vital is only sufficient to give a basic understanding of general structure.

To cover the whole syllabus, or indeed to fly with a high level of safety, more detailed knowledge is required. Modern meteorological forecasts are produced by computer with guidance from scientists, but the forecasts produced can never be completely accurate, and are certainly not tailored to the requirements of the individual pilot.

In order to achieve the maximum enjoyment from flying while retaining a reasonable level of safety, every pilot should strive to learn as much about the weather as possible.

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