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BTG999 Microlight & Small Seaplanes - Anna Markey

Microlight & Small Seaplanes - Anna Markey - Pooleys

Product description:

Anna Markey started her flying career on paragliders in the Wessex hills, before taking to powered flight on flexwing microlights at Old Sarum airfield. In parallel with pursuing an international career as a financial and IT consultant, she moved on to 3-axis microlights, a PPL and light aircraft seaplane rating. Subsequently she became a microlight instructor and took a well-timed career break, seizing an opportunity to instruct on seaplane microlights in Sweden - 'the best seaplane environment in Europe'. Since then, Anna has become a BMAA examiner and now offers the microlight seaplane rating to UK pilots from her Swedish lake-land base at Siljan Airpark.

This book evolved out of a need to bridge the gap in training material between light aircraft and smaller seaplanes. Anna uses the amphibious Seamax 3-axis flying boat and Polaris am-FIB flexwing for training.

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