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BTC043 Pre-Flight Briefing Manual, Instructors Multi-Engine Course - Woodgate

Pre-Flight Briefing Manual, Instructors Multi-Engine Course - Woodgate - Pooleys

Product description:

The Multi-Engine course manual is divided into five sections. Section 1 and 5 comprise the full and detailed pre-flight briefings covering the syllabi of both the PPL B Rating and Mandatory Multi-Engine Conversion Training, required for the inclusion of the first multi-engine type rating in a Professional Pilots' Licence.

Section 1 is concerned solely with normal, two engine operation and covers in detail the general handling exercise which require to be undertaken before the commencement of asymmetric flight training.

Section 5 covers all aspects of the asymmetric flying syllabus using the same format as Section 1 - namely each flight exercise commences with a statement of the aim of that exercise, followed by 'Instructor Notes'. The relevant briefing points including all the elements which should be included in the air exercise are then specified sequentially and in full.

Spiral Bound Version A4 size.

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