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Teaching & Learning - Campbell - Pooleys

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For many years there has been a strong dividing line between those who teach and those who instruct. Teaching is concerned with the development of intelligence and the acquisition of knowledge, processes confined mostly to the mind, whilst instructing has been confined to showing people how to do things, and so this has been mostly concerned with the use of the body.

In many areas, this division still exists but in some flight instruction for instance, the two are inseparable. Without an intelligent appreciation of what he is doing with the skills of his eyes, ears, hands and feet, a modern pilot will be unable to reach an adequate level of aviation safety.

Due to the sophistication reached in aviation and its complex equipment and regulations, the need for teaching has never been greater. Therefore, the value and prestige of a flight instructor will not only depend upon his flying skill, personality, and standard of technical knowledge, but upon his teaching ability.

These notes do not purport to cover all aspects of teaching and learning. They are intended as thinking guide to the new instructor, and cover many of the aspects involved in the process of teaching and learning in relation to flight training. They will help the flying instructor to understand this need and intelligently used, will reflect upon the standard of the pilots he helps to train.

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