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BTG177E The Helicopter Trial Flight Guide, Downey - eBook

Product description:

Pooleys eBooks are now available for Apple iPads and iPhones, as well as Android devices.

PLEASE NOTE: this product DOES NOT DOWNLOAD AUTOMATICALLY. A code will be emailed or posted to you (Monday to Friday) with detailed instructions on how to redeem your code and how to download your eBook within the Pooleys eBooks app.

Whether or not the trial lesson you have booked is a gift or your have decided to find out about flying for yourself, you will find that the experience will greatly enhanced if you have read through this short guide in advance. You do not need to learn the contents of this guide, but you will find that some of the terminology and jargon will be less of a mystery when your instructor 'briefs' you for the lesson.

Take a few minutes to review the contents, then go, and enjoy what will surely be the first of many happy hours aloft! An easy to read guide with colourful illustrations.

Please note. Instructions to redeem and download your ebook will be emailed to you, normally within 24 hours but please allow up to 3 days. Your Email will be sent during working hours between Monday and Friday.

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