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Originally designed specifically as a portable charger for the latest netbooks, the minigorilla is also able to charge the Apple iPad (via the Apple cable supplied with the iPad) or the Samsung Galaxy Tab using our specially designed tip (available separately from the tips section). It can also be used with e-readers, camcorders, mobile phones and many more electronic products that require a 19V DC input or less.

Featuring a range of voltage settings (8.4V, 9.5V, 10.5V, 12V, 16V & 19V), the minigorilla has a 5V USB output, meaning you can also recharge your mobile, iPod, iPhone, PDA, PSP and more. Incorporating the latest HDLP (High Density Lithium Polymer) battery technology, the minigorilla will have maximum power efficiency to size and weight.

The minigorilla will give up to 5-6 hours on a Sony Vaio P-series netbook at 10.5Volt setting. minigorilla will give up to 2 hours on other netbooks set at 19Volts. However, the minigorilla may discharge its power in 30 minutes as it's recharging the internal battery of the netbook. The combined recharge of the internal battery and the power used during initial connection gives up to an additional 2 hours of extra power.

The minigorilla portable charger has the same finish as our brilliant powermonkey explorer charger for phones and 5V devices, with a laser-etched rubber coating, meaning it's tough and durable. Supplied with a universal AC mains charger that works in over 150 countries around the world, a protective neoprene carry case and a whole host of monkeynuts to allow connectivity to the most popular of electronic products.

minigorilla has many safety features including short-circuit and over-charging protection. If a previously used output voltage saved in the minigorilla's memory is higher than the voltage a new device to be charged requires, the minigorilla will automatically shut off. If the USB and DC output ports are empty, minigorilla will automatically shut off after 2 minutes and if devices attached via USB and DC output port are fully charged, minigorilla will also shut off. The minigorilla has a long storage life, if it hasn't been used for a year, the battery capacity lost is less than 10%.

minigorilla features an LCD screen which indicates battery capacity status and level of charge left in minigorilla, and the blue backlight will automatically turn off after 5 seconds to save power.

The minigorilla can be recharged via the included mains charger in 5.5 hours or via our fabulous solargorilla solar charger within 6-9 hours.

Works with:

  • SLR Cameras
  • Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras
  • iPads/Tablets
  • PDAs
  • iPhones/Smart Phones
  • Mobile Phone
  • iPods/MP3/MP4
  • PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles
  • Sat-Navs/GPS
  • Netbooks
  • Head Torches

Will also work with:

  • Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras
  • PDAs
  • iPhones/Smart Phones
  • Mobile Phone
  • iPods/MP3/MP4
  • PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles
  • Sat-Navs/GPS
  • Head Torches

Number of Charges:

  • Netbook                   Once
  • iPad/tablet                1-2 times
  • iPhone/smartphone    2-4 times
  • GPS                          2-4 times
  • Mobile phone             3-6 times


  • Minigorilla portable charger
  • 11 x gorillanut netbook tips
  • 9 x mobile device tips including; Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, DC2.0 (mini Nokia), Nintendo DS-Lite, DC 4.0 (Sony PSP), retractable USB cable with DC 3.5 tip (older Nokia)
  • DC connection cable
  • Universal AC mains charger
  • Protective storage case.

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