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RAP-224-1 Suction cup with twist lock (BASE)

Suction cup with twist lock (BASE)  - Ram Mounts

Product description:

The locking 83mm Rubber Suction Cup Base has a standard RAM double hole diamond shaped end. The suction cup is designed to have an extra strong hold on any smooth non-porous surface, but for best result, mount the suction cup on a glass surface. The diamond shaped end has two holes 49mm from centre to centre. This will connect to RAM-B-238 Diamond Plates Series, the universal industry standard AMPS hole pattern or directly to the back of the RAM Composite Holders. This suction base does NOT have, or include, a RAM rubber connection ball. Two self tapping screws are supplied with the suction cup base. Does not include diamond plate connector. To order the suction cup with diamond plate connector please click here.

High Strength Composite with a rubber cup

When attaching the suction base, it must be clean and dry and so must be the surface it affixes to.
An alternative method is to attach an adhesive rose pad the RAP-350 on to the dash area and fix the suction base onto it.


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