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NFG092 Austria A5 VFR Trip Kit 2022 1:200 000 - Rogersdata

Product description:


VFR Trip Kit A5 Austria – Österreich 200k

  • VFR Trip Kit in DIN A5 size with spiral binding
  • Its a unique summary of all civil and military aerodromes existing in Austria
  • Aerodrome charts are presented with an aerial photo
  • All approach charts are on a scale of 1:200.000
  • Very clear presentation of the ATS airspace structure
  • VFR sectors on international airports, VFR sectors on aerodromes
  • Approach procedures, traffic pattern, reporting points, holdings
  • Detailed high sophisticated terrain map with shading and relief
  • High-quality paper digital printing
  • Sheets can be flipped over completely, easy & comfortable handling in the cockpit
  • Index of aerodromes with frequency
  • Interception signals, conversion table, morse code, ATC light gun signals
  • Altitude correction, military aircraft national insignia, ALPFOR table Austria
  • BCMT und ECET table.
  • ISBN 978-3-99092-003-9

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