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NRN009 Navigation Circular Plotter 1:500,000 - Rogersdata

Product description:

Navigation Circle 500 for Charts Scale 1:500.000

  • the patent pending Rogers Data © Navigation circle facilitates the solution of navigation tasks and is easy to use
  • sectional plotter, time-speed-distance computer, ruler and navigation circle template in a single device
  • path-time measurement for charts with scale 1:500.000
  • distance picked up with the tips in order to read the distance between two points on a sectional chart
  • to determine the heading use the back of the navigation circle
  • required flight time between two points could be read in minutes on the mounted concentric circles scale
  • determination of position on charts with scale 1:500.000
  • on the back side of the navigation circle headings can be determined with associated opposite course
  • Rogers Data © navigation circle can be used as ruler along the lateral sides and includes a circle template
  • using the circle template on the navigation circle permits highlighting of navigation points and points could be connected for further determination.
  • new production technologies guarantee precision, which is required for precise navigation.

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