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ICH050-120 German Edition 2020 Chart 1:500 000

Product description:

From north to south, east to west or to neighbouring countries.

Edition 2020, complete set of 8 map sheets: The ICAO 1: 500,000 aviation map is the standard map for the implementation of VFR flights and covers the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany including the neighbouring countries (multi-coloured with forest print and shading). It contains all the important topography and flight safety data such as:

  • Current airspace structure and topography
  • VFR reporting points
  • Airfields with name, location code and frequency, length and orientation of the runway, details of direction finder and position of the round
  • FIS sectors with frequencies
  • Gliders, gliders, gliders,
  • Parachute jumping grounds, open air sports fields
  • Radio navigation systems (NDB, VOR, VOR / DME, VORTAC) with name, frequency and identification in Morse code
  • Aircraft Damages and Maximum Elevation Figures
  • Isogons
  • Highway names
  • New display of intensively used parachute jump terrain (parachute jump symbol plus red circle)

 The ICAO 1: 500,000 aeronautical map provides the following information:

  • Overview of the airspace structure of Germany
  • Information on transponder and altimeter settings
  • ATIS and VOLMET frequencies
  • Light signals
  • Integrated coordinate ruler

The complete set consists of the following map sheets:

  • Hamburg - ICH050
  • Rostock - ICH060
  • Hanover - ICH070
  • Berlin - ICH080
  • Frankfurt - ICH090
  • Nuremberg - ICH100
  • Stuttgart - ICH110
  • Munich - ICH120
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