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NCD326 Mastering Mathematics For ATPL Examinations - Keith Williams

Mastering Mathematics For ATPL Examinations - Keith Williams - Keith Williams

Product description:

This program is designed to assist you to master the wide range of mathematical questions that appear in the ATPL examinations. By providing an unlimited number of practice questions, together with easily understood explanations, on your computer screen, it will enable you to work at your own pace, in the privacy of your own room, free of the pressures of the classroom environment. By working in this way, you will develop the thorough understanding and confidence that are essential to achieve success in even the most difficult examinations.

Key elements of the program are listed:

  1. This program contains 168 question types, together with solution methods, correct answers, and step-by-step explanations for each individual question.
  2. The program creates 100 examples of each question type, giving 16800 individual questions.
  3. All of the questions are replaced each time the program is re-opened, so the number of questions available is effectively unlimited.
  4. Clicking any one of 9 buttons on the Main Menu Screen selects the study area from which question may be drawn.
  5. Clicking any one of the question type buttons in the selected study reveals the first of 100 questions of that type.
  6. If you do not know how to solve the question, you can reveal a written statement of the correct method by clicking the “GET METHOD” button.
  7. Clicking the “GET ANSWER” button reveals the correct answer.
  8. Clicking the “GET EXPLANATION” button reveals a step-by-step explanation of how to reach the correct answer.
  9. Clicking the same “question type” button again reveals the next question of the selected type.
  10. A new question type can be selected at any time by clicking a different question type button.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows.
  • Microsoft Office 2000 or later including Microsoft Excel.
  • 50 MB of free hard disk space.
  • At least 256 MB of RAM. This program will not run on OPEN OFFICE or on MICROSOFT WORKS.
  • Please Note: MS Office 2010 Starter cannot run MACROs and hence cannot run this CD Program.

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