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A Guide to EU-OPS 1 and JAR-OPS 3 – 5th Edition, John Swan

Pooleys stock code: BJS02

The 5th Edition of A Guide to EU-OPS 1 & JAR-OPS 3 includes the addition of amendment 2 to EU-OPS 1.

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EASA Aircrew

Pooleys stock code: BJS07

This publication covers the EASA licensing regulation (EU) 1178/2011 for pilots and cabin crew members, commonly referred to as the Aircrew regulation.

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ASA Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms - Dale Crane

Pooleys stock code: BTG968
Manufacturer's part number: ASADAT7

Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms - Seventh Edition (Softcover) by Dale Crane

An essential dictionary for everyone in the industry, with more than 12,000 aviation terms, acronyms, and phrases supported by encyclopedia-style definitions and nearly 500 illustrations.

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ASA International Aircraft Directory - World's Most Popular Aircraft

Pooleys stock code: FAA246

The editors of Plane & Pilot have created the perfect gift for pilots and aviation buffs. Now in its 3rd Edition, it has become a must-have reference for anyone interested in aviation.

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An Aviator's Field Guide to Owning an Airplane

Pooleys stock code: FAA280

Practical insights for successful aircraft ownership.

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VFR Flight Rules France, 9th Edition - Vacher

Pooleys stock code: CVV000

This booklet is intended for those Foreign private pilots who wish to overfly or land in France.

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Pooleys stock code: CVV006

ACCESS TO ICAO LEVELS 4 & 5 - MP3 SOUND FILES INSIDE This course in radio communications, designed by the reference expert in Aviation English, Yves Rengade, is the only one to be based on authentic in-flight recordings used as language training material which will help you to acquire or consolidate the competences required by ICAO by adopting a personalised method of working.

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Aircom Twins – Glossary & Vocabulary Learning Guide

Pooleys stock code: CVV012

AIRCOM Twins provides you with two complementary tools that allow you to fully master the language of radio communications.

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The Light Aircraft Data Book - 4th Edition

Pooleys stock code: BTG900

Des Armour and Edwin Shackleton New Colour Illustrations, includes homebuilts and microlights.

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Civil Aircraft Recognition

Pooleys stock code: BTG967

The perfect guide for spotters and enthusiasts interested in airliners, feeder liners, executive jets, light aircraft, and other commercial aeroplanes.

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Pooleys Retail Catalogue Winter/Spring Edition 2024

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International Dawn to Dusk Competition - sponsored by Pooleys

International Dawn to Dusk Competition - sponsored by Pooleys

The International Dawn to Dusk Competition, now in its 60th year, provides a unique aeronautical challenge participating in a day's flying using an aircraft of the competitor's choice.

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Pooleys Charitable Support

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