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SGE060 Fuel Tester and Cowling Screwdriver

Manufactured in clear moulded cylindrical perspex and clearly printed with fuel colour gradings.

£11.30 including VAT (20%)View details

GAT012 The GATS Jar – Fuel Tester

It is the first, finest and only fuel analysis tester capable of separating non-petroleum contaminants and thereby purifying water and debris from contaminated AVGAS and jet fuel. This allows extracted fuel to be put back into the aircraft fuel tank and not on the ground, without the fear of reintroducing contaminants back into the fuel system. It also gives a visual display of jet fuel contaminated AVGAS and can be used with any petroleum fuel grade and octane, including Jet A fuel, automotive gasoline and diesel fuel.

£19.99 including VAT (20%)View details

FAA108 Aircraft Fuel Tester - Black ASA-AFT-1

Fits all quick-drain valves and has an adapter for recessed drains. Includes both Phillips and slotted screwdriver tips.

£9.95 including VAT (20%)View details

FAA109 Aircraft Fuel Tester - Black ASA-AFT-SHORT

The unique snap-on probe fits all quick-drain valves, stores compactly, and reduces spillage, loss, and probe breakage.

£9.95 including VAT (20%)View details

SGE065 Aircraft Fuel Testing Cup

Clear cup with a reinforced steel pin that works with most aircraft.

£8.95 including VAT (20%)View details

SGE072 Aircraft Fuel Tester – Design4Pilots

A must-have for any pilot to check the fuel regarding water and pollution.

£12.95 including VAT (20%)View details

SGE084 Universal Fuelhawk Fuel Gauge Universal (11 inch)

Stop Guessing! Direct readout shows gallons usable on a calibrated scale. Easy to use, simply insert Fuelhawk until it touches bottom of the tank. Place finger firmly over top opening to lock fuel in tube. Remove to read gallons usable on calibrated scale.

£13.50 including VAT (20%)View details

SGE084 Universal XL Fuelhawk Fuel Gauge XL Universal (16 inch)

Extra long for use in deeper wings and tanks.

£19.50 including VAT (20%)View details

SGE084C152 Fuelhawk Fuel Gauge C152/12gal

Aircraft Fuel Gauge specially designed for a Cessna 152 with standard 12 gallon tanks.

£13.50 including VAT (20%)View details

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