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Demonstration Aircraft Model Fixed Wing

Pooleys stock code: XDM001

These models are perfect for use by instructors and in the classroom to demonstrate with full 3-axis movement, the effects of aircraft control.

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Demonstration CRP-5W Computer

Pooleys stock code: NCR141 / NCR150

Pooleys manufacture and supply many carefully designed products to assist Flying Training Organisations, Pilots and Navigators in the teaching and learning of Flying and Ground Subjects at all levels.

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Instructor Training - Teaching the Teacher PowerPoint Pack

Pooleys stock code: AP010

Training Package, covers the subject area required to teach the EASA Flight Instructor Rating (Teaching and Learning). It is primarily for those Instructors who deliver lessons on the theory and strategy of Teaching.

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Pooleys Guide to Clouds for Pilot's Poster

Pooleys stock code: XPP090

This A2 poster edited by World known author of 'Meteorology for Pilots' Mike Wickson makes a suitable addition to the classroom.

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Pooleys Student Progress Record Pad

Pooleys stock code: BTC035

420 mm width x 297 mm height.

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Private Pilot's Licence – No. 3 Air Navigation Computer Training CD

Pooleys stock code: NCD003

This audio CD is an excellent aid to understanding the principles underlying navigation through learning how to use a navigation flight computer.

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Student Progress Record Folder

Pooleys stock code: BTC034

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Pooleys Retail Catalogue Spring Edition 2021

Pooleys Retail Catalogue Spring Edition 2021

To order your FREE copy of the latest Pooleys Retail Catalogue Spring Edition 2021 please click on the image above or link below.

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International Dawn to Dusk Competition - sponsored by Pooleys

International Dawn to Dusk Competition - sponsored by Pooleys

The International Dawn to Dusk Competition, now in its 58th year, provides a unique aeronautical challenge participating in a day's flying using an aircraft of the competitor's choice.

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Pooleys Charitable Support

Pooleys Charitable Support

At Pooleys, we believe strongly in giving back to the aviation community and giving those who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to experience flight, the ability to realise their dreams.

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