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Pooleys Dawn to Dusk Challenge – Established 1964

– 56th YEAR –

The Dawn to Dusk Competition, now in its fifty sixth year, provides a unique aeronautical challenge participating in a day's flying using a flying machine of the competitor's choice.

If you are interested in entering the competition, please email your details to: enquiries@pooleysdawntodusk.com

An entry can be flown at any time of the year with the cut off date for submission falling on the last day of August. Entries received after this date will be entered into the following year's competition. All that is required is for the competitor to set himself/herself a target with a theme and fly it.

The Objective of Dawn to Dusk is to encourage the most interesting employment of a Flying Machine within the limits of competent airmanship and to demonstrate the capabilities of pilot and machine in a day's flying, during the hours between Dawn to Dusk, in terms of furthering some original and praiseworthy objective.

Over the past 50+ years winning and highly placed entries have been submitted from more than 14 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Canada, United States and of course from across Europe.

Themes are diverse. Many have used historical events be it civil or military. Geographic, geological or environmental themes have become popular as well as old flying routes, test pilots or testing centres. The only limit might be the imagination of the pilot. Many choose to link their challenge with a charitable endeavour, raising money as they fly.

The competition was until February 2018 judged by a Panel of 5 aviators including former Test Pilot John Farley. For 50 years, from 1968 until 2018, the competition was coordinated by David Hamilton. David and his team of judges stood down in February 2018 at the Dawn to Dusk Awards Dinner and the mantle was handed to Sebastian Pooley, one of the judges.

In 2018, a new panel of judges was formed including:

Sebastian Pooley, Managing Director, Pooleys Flight Equipment Limited

Peter Benmax, Dawn to Dusk Judge since 1982

Ian Seager, Publisher, Flyer Magazine

Katharine Hodge, First Officer, Virgin Atlantic

Tim Dawson, Owner, SkyDemon


The Duke of Edinburgh Message 1993

Further Information

Competition Rules

In late 2018, the rules of the Dawn to Dusk Competition where reviewed and simplified. The competition is an opportunity to further your flying, to expand your horizons and to give you the excuse you need to have the flying adventure you have always wanted to have. We want the competition to be as easy to enter and fly as possible.

The rules are simple:

1. The competition is open to any qualified pilot from any country in the world.

2. There is no charge to enter the competition.

3. Flights must be between 4 and 8 hours.

4. You can pick any theme you wish. Adding a charitable aspect is not a requirement.

5. Entries must be sent to enquiries@pooleysdawntodusk.com



Please note that the current competition rules and scoring system are under review. New details will be available from 1st September 2018.

The points basis on which the Competition is scored is set out below. The winner will be the Competitor scoring the highest number of total points under this system in accordance with the regulations.

Subjects Possible Score
1. Planning  
a. Originality 20
b. Research 20
c. Flight Planning 20
2. Flying  
a. Airmanship 30
b. Difficulty 30
c. Distance and planned/achieved ratio 10
d. Airborne time and planned/achieved ratio 10
e. Observation of the rules 10
3. Log  
a. Presentation and relevance 20
b. Completeness and accuracy 20
4. Handicapping  
a. Pilot and crew experience 20
b. Flying 20
c. Equipment 10
d. Weather 10

Note: Failure to observe the regulations and complete the flight report in all particulars will result in loss of points. Serious omissions or inaccuracies may result in exclusion.



The Competition will be judged by a panel of judges. The results will be announced as soon as possible at an awards Presentation and Reception but it is unlikely that this will take place before the end of October. In recent years, it has been held in January at the RAF Club, Piccadilly, London.

Interpretation of Rules

Any queries regarding the rules should be addressed, in writing, to the Co-ordinator.

Breach of Regulations or other law

In view of Rule 3 (see Rules), and of the fact that neither Pooleys, The Tiger Club nor any other Sponsor exercises any supervision or control over Competitors, the following provisions shall apply:

a) It is the responsibility of each Competitor to see that he/she complies at all times with all relevant legislation currently in force regarding the airworthiness of Flying Machines, licensing of crew, operation of Flying Machines and so on.

b) Neither Pooleys, The Tiger Club, nor any Sponsor, nor any other organiser or official connected with the event accepts any responsibility to the Competitor or to anyone else for any of the following:

i) the financial or other arrangements of Competitors and intending Competitors.

ii) any breach of regulations or general law, or any negligent, reckless or other act or default whatsoever committed or omitted (as the case may be) by a Competitor.

iii) subject to section 2 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, any death or loss, damage or injury of whatever nature caused to or by a Competitor.

iv) the arrangement of any insurance in relation to the Competition. Each Competitor is solely responsible for making whatever insurance arrangements are necessary. In the event of dispute, English law will prevail.

The Judges reserve the right to penalise any Competitor who, in their opinion, has taken unnecessary risks or demonstrated bad or doubtful airmanship. Competitors may be required to give a written or verbal explanation of any of the circumstances connected with the flight. Particularly blatant cases of bad airmanship may result in exclusion.

The decision of the Judges is final. It is pointed out that the Competitors agree to be bound by this, and all other regulations issued for the Competition, upon signing the Entry Form The Judges reserve the right to accept an entry without having to assign a reason.

The Duke of Edinburgh Message 1993

Sponsorship and Awards


The Dawn to Dusk Competition is sponsored by Pooleys Flight Equipment Ltd. Details of the Awards Ceremony, when the result will be announced, will be forwarded to all entrants in due course.

Principal Competition Awards

1st Duke of Edinburgh Trophy

2nd Coventry Trophy

3rd Tiger Club Trophy Pooley Sword - Best Presented Report and Log

Helicopter Trophy

The Glenisla Trophy - Pilot and crew each having less than 75 hours in command

Icarus Trophy - Best solo entry

Bonney Trophy - Best all ladies entry

Microlight Trophy

Long Distance Medal

Family Award


Every Competitor who finishes the Principal Competition or Half Competition, in accordance with the regulations, and submits a log and written report will be presented with a Certificate.

The awards will be available for presentation provided that, in the opinion of the Judges, there is a Competitor eligible for them.

Half Competition Award

1st The Hamilton Half Trophy

How to Enter

How to Enter

The competition is taking a break for one year and new entries will be accepted from 1st November 2018.

As the rules are being reviewed during this time, we are unable to release any entry packs.

If you have any questions on the competition during this time, please contact:

Email: enquiries@pooleysdawntodusk.com


Previous Winners and Themes
Year Number of entries Longest Distance Flown (NM)  Winner Theme Aircraft
1964     Don Lovell   Turbulent
1965     Don Lovell   Turbulent
1966     Robin Voice   Turbulent
1967     Paul Herring   RF4
1968 17 2027 Hubert Schnabel (Germany) 8 countries and 7 seas Mooney 20A
1969 21 2230 Hubert Schnabel (Germany) 12 EEC countries Mooney 20A
1970 23 1742 Mike Bialkiewicz (Poland)   RF4
1971 27 2100 Lucien Hankart (Belgium) Denmark and back C150
1972 21 1265 Mike Bialkiewicz (Poland)   RF4D
      Lucien Hankart   C150
1973 6 1256 Tom Foxworth (US) Early Kings Cup Races Stampe
1974 15 1416 R. Ashford & A. McClymont   Jodel 150
1975 14 1475 Tom Foxworth (US) Western Front WW1 Tiger Moth
1976 10 1540 Tony Cattle & Mike Wheatley 6 original EEC countries C172
1977 9 1283 Marlyn Wood & Alan Butcher Beginnings of man Condor
1978 7   Pat Holmes Most northerly and southerly UK headlands C150
1979 7 1531 John Blake & Stratton Richie Battlefields of the Irish Guards C150
1980     Charles Shea-Simonds & Amanda Mitchell   Stampe
1981 11 1405 Charles Shea-Simonds & Julie Hanks Private airstrips C150
1982 8 1893 Howard Cox & Christopher Turner Steam railways Piper Cub
1983     Howard Cox & Christopher Turner   C150
1984 28 2475 Eddie Coventry & Don Bullen 45 counties of England Piper Arrow
1985 12 1285 Charles Shea-Simonds & Sean Long Army Parachute Association BN Islander
1986 20 880 D. Southwell & D. Cook 8th USAF Shadow
1987 17 2500 Andre Dumas & Bob Purves (Canada) Fur trappers Baron
1988 9 1260 Christopher Harris & John Stevens Friesan Islands Rallye 180
1989 37   J. Laurance & L. Jones Fenleigh Pre-Reformation Cathedrals C152
1990 17 1366 T. Ankers Lord Dowding - A solitary man C152
1991 12 1493 T. Gauvain & D. Hughes Pro Utilitate Nominum Piper Cadet
1992 19 2351 M. McCormac & J. McCormac The Civil War Cherokee Cruiser
1993 17 1111 M. McCormac Operation Chastise PA140
1994 17 1457 C. Dodds & R. Smith Lost names of British Aviation Hornet Moth
1995     Marcus Palmer & John Pile National Trust Gardens C172
1996     Beryl Thorpe & Janet Higginbotham Capability Brown MS880
1997/1998     Larry Webb & Maureen Elliott   Piper Arrow
1999     Alan James & Alan Watson   Air Camper
2000 15   Tim & Jenny Whitome Scottish Islands PA17
2001 20 954 Trisha Nelmes & Helen Krasner Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 C152
2002/2003 10 960 Tor Richvoldsen Wooden Hotels PA28
2004 15 727 Marion McCall & Bishop David McCall (Australia) Beating the Bounds, Bunbury WA C172
2005/2006 24 1282 Anthony Davis Motor Racing Circuits PA28
2007 10 906 Marion McCall & Bishop David McCall (Australia) Crossing the Nullebor Plain, Australia C172
2008/2009 15 1398 Colin Hales Round UK Rand KR2
2010 10 1703 David & Patrick Joyce Half a million islands Europa X5
2011 7   Mike Roberts & Kim Towle Most airfields in one day PA28
2012/2013 7   Marion & David McCall (Australia) The Eyre Adventure Cessna 172
2014-16 9 1420 Fiona & Angus Macaskill Powering over Paragliders Vans RV9A
2017 5 1022 Ian Butter RNLI and Air Sea Rescue PA28-181 Archer
2017 Trophy Winners
Trophy Recipient(s) Theme Aircraft
Duke of Edinburgh Trophy Ian Butter RNLI and Air Sea Rescue PA28-181 Archer
Coventry Trophy Nic Orchard Against Aerial Attacks WWI Aeronca Champ
Tiger Club Trophy Kathryn Hutchings & Paul Wheal Spa Towns Cessna F172E
Pooley Sword Ian Butter Best Log PA28-181 Archer
Bonney Trophy Nic Orchard Against Aerial Attacks WWI Aeronca Champ
Icarus Trophy Not awarded - -
Family Trophy Fiona & Angus Macaskill Those were the days Cessna 152
Long Distance Medal Ruth Bridges & Dan Temprado UNESCO UK World Heritage Sites Piper PA28

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International Dawn to Dusk Competition - sponsored by Pooleys

International Dawn to Dusk Competition - sponsored by Pooleys

The International Dawn to Dusk Competition, now in its 55th year, provides a unique aeronautical challenge participating in a day's flying using an aircraft of the competitor's choice.

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