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Pooleys UK Flight Guide Amendments

Please find below links to PDF downloads of amendments (Airnotes) to the Pooleys Flight Guide to the United Kingdom:

The one Airnote text document will show all changes to the Flight Guide over the year, i.e. Airnote 4 will incorporate all changes from previous Airnotes 1-3.

Details of the changes are shown in the Airnote 4 PDF (2nd November 2023) (AIRAC 11/2023) which you can download by following this link.

These changes have occurred since the 2023 edition of the Flight Guide went to print in October 2022.

Individual airfield changes will be published here when available.

P1 & 2 Classification of UK Airspace (March 2023) - Changes to paragraph a.

P32 Frequency Monitoring Codes (December 2022) - Call signs amended and Norwich code added.

P114 Biggin Hill (July 2023) - New Taxiway B added.

P174-P176 Cardiff (March 2023) - New VRP added and VFR routes amended.

P192-P195 Chichester/Goodwood (February 2023) - Op hrs, Noise abatement text and circuit diagrams.

P202 Coal Aston (December 2022) - Avoid area added to the SE corner of the graphic.

P206 Compton Abbas (April 2023) - Circuit height amended.

P250 Dunkeswell (May 2023) - Signal square removed and windsock locations revised.

P278 Edinburgh (April 2023) - Disused area designated as Apron.

P355a Haywood Farm Airfield (May 2023) - New Chart.

P390a Kenyon Hall Farm (July 2023) - New Chart

P395 Kittyhawk Aerodrome (August 2023) - Parallel grass runway 16/34 added.

P407 Lashenden/Headcorn (January 2023) - Boundary  fence and Holds added.

P411 Lee-on-Solent (March 2023) - Remarks re written.

P418 Leeds East (September 2023) - Taxiway A extended.

P488 Manchester/Barton (March 2023) - Circuits amended.

P536 North Weald (March 2023) - Circuit amended.

P540-P541 Norwich (March 2023) - VRP names updated.

P546a Oaklands Farm (East Tytherley) (May 2023) - New Chart.

P564 Oxford (August 2023) - Heli Area North added, two helipads added by Hold M.

P575 Perranporth (September 2023) - Parachute drop zone and acft parking areas swapped locations.

P591 Prestwick (June 2023) - Disused areas added.

P629 Shenington/Edgehill Gliding Centre (November 2023) - Rwy 05L/23R withdrawn. Circuit diagram added.

P639 Shoreham (July 2023) - Helicopter Operation text re-written.

P643 Sleap (May 2023) - Parking area revised, major changes to arrivals and helicopter operations.

P678 Swansea (December 2022) - New holds added and new taxiway C added.

P702 Truro (November 2023) - Remarks re-written.

P705b Unst (July 2023) - New Chart.

P729 Whiterashes (October 2023) - Avoid area added NE of Rwy 28 thld.

P742 Wolverhampton/Halfpenny Green (May 2023) - New asphalt runway 10/28 added.

P750/751 Wycombe Air Park/Booker (May 2023) - Circuits revised.

P758 York (Rufforth East) October 2023 - Rufforth entries split.

P759 York (Rufforth West) October 2023 - Rufforth entries split.

P809b Portland Heliport (October 2023) - New chart.

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