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RAP-350 Adhesive Base (clear) for Suction Cup (ACC)

Adhesive Base (clear) for Suction Cup (ACC) - Ram Mounts

Product description:

Use this adhesive base with a suction cup mount on dashboards and similar curved/uneven surfaces. The RAP-350, 89mm diameter round rose disk with adhesive, is a great mounting surface to attach a suction cup system. Simply stick the plate to any surface and then attach the suction cup to the plate. This is perfect when you need to attach your suction cup mount to your car dash, including curved surfaces, vertically or horizontally, rather than to your windshield.

Colour: Clear Material, High Strength Plastic.

Please note: The dashboard area where the adhesive disc is to be attached MUST be free of wax or silicon treatments. If this is not the case the RAM disc will not stick to the surface. Use an alcohol based wet wipe to cleanse the surface before application.

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