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BTC038 Pilots Atlas - USA

Product description:

Base cartography is the US Road-Atlas 1: 2.000.000 which includes mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, etc. As well, all other elements such as cities, towns. Parks and points of interest or historic value and of course, the railways and motor-ways themselves.

To this, we have added all airports in USA (over 5,500) and colour coded them by runway length /surface and category i.e. International, Regional, Civil/Military, etc. VOR/DME , Reporting points, Waypoints), Volmet frequencies and special Use Airspace are also shown making our new "Pilots' Atlas" the first of it’s kind.

Elevation by colour

Coloured tints provide generalised terrain elevations.

Weather stations frequencies

Weather stations frequencies (VOLMET) are shown on each page for easy use. ATIS frequencies are found in the airport directory in the Captain's Corner.

Navigation aids

VOR/DMEs, NDB's are included so that you are able to locate your position immediately in relation to surrounding airports, landmarks and points of interest.

Points of interest/major highways

You find over 3,500 points of interest for better passenger announcements, including geographical, cultural and historical information. Highways, railways and landroads are indicated. Also included are lakes, rivers and mountain ranges depicted in color.

Major highways and city maps

11 city maps of the most important cities in USA are depicted as well.

Airports with ICAO

All airports large and small are included with 4-letter ICAO-codes and have been color coded by runway length / surface and airfield type. In the Captain's Corner you find a list of more than 5,500 North American airports sorted from A to Z with 4-letter ICAO location identifiers, 3-letter IATA location identifiers and ATIS frequencies.

Glider fields

Glider field positions in North America are shown by a special sign for easy identification. All ICAO-codes are inserted in the maps and the airports have been colour coded by runway length / surface and airfield type.

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