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AER100 3 PIN NATO AN2551 - Standard Plug

Product description:

Aircraft plugs® 3 poles – 28VDC external power female plug for aircraft and helicopters. According to ISO 461 and Mil-C-7974 standards 3 PINS NATO AN2551. Made in Belgium.


  • 3 PIN NATO connector AN2551 standard plug made of strong polycarbonate.
  • Registered plug. Standard colour red, available in different colours on request.
  • Sleeves are silver plated. With solenoid pin.
  • Corrosion proof construction. Polycarbonate plugs are stronger and resist to higher temperature, voltage and amperage.
  • Mates with AN2552-3A external power receptacle.
  • Performance and dimensions to ISO 461 (BS4G173:1985) and appropriate MOD (Air).
  • Weight 0.7 kg.
  • Cable assemblies to customer requirements available.
  • Made of polycarbonate, hardness 13800psi, max. recommended cable for '0' AWG (53 mm2).
  • Recommended Cable 25mm2 or 2 AWG.  Glass transition temperature of about 147 °C (297 °F), Tensile strength 55–75 MPa
  • Average change in Resistance after 100 dry cycles: < 2µΩ.
  • Maximum 1600A based on the resistance this would give less than a .1V drop per contact.
  • Abrasive resistance – ASTM D1044 10–15 mg/1000 cycles.
  • Dielectric constant 2.9 at 1 MHz.

– The purpose of the third terminal – 

AN2551 The purpose of the 3 pin ground power unit connector. The purpose of the 3 pin ground power unit connector in aircraft? Why the third pin is shorter in length than the other two and is it positive or negative?

Hereby the technical information.

The smallest pin is limited to 100 W. There are two larger pins that carry DC power and one shorter pin.

It allows the device to be plugged in, the power connections made, and then the power turned on as the connector is inserted. It also allows the power to be disconnected prior to the larger power pins clearing the connector.

The shorter smaller positive pin, does a few things:

  1. It removes ignition sources such as sparks when connected or disconnected from receptacle.
  2. Connection is made before power is supplied.
  3. Increases the reliability of the connectors.
  4. The connectors are not powered at all times. (the solenoid pin can control the power management).
  5. A power limited switch can be installed, or split pen.
  6. It makes a polarity protection.

The terminology is sometimes called "hot-swap". because power is disconnected during the removal process. No sparks fly in the process and no connectors are damaged.

Typically 3 pin aircraft ground power connectors use two circuits to prevent arcing when the pins are plugged into the sockets.

Two larger pins provide power and ground for the main high voltage circuit. The shorter third pin powers a low amperage circuit that energises a solenoid to close the high amperage circuit after the longer pins have first been partially inserted into their sockets. The low amperage circuit makes use of the aircraft electrical systems common ground and therefore needs only one pin for power. All three pins are silver plated to avoid arcing.

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