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BTG801 Human Performance & Limitations for the Professional Pilot - Robson

The most important information needed to perform the multi-functional tasks required by a modern jet is knowledge about the performance and limitations of its human crew.

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BTG935 In Safe Hands - The How and Why of Airline Travel - Robson

When you decide to enter the realm of flight, whether as a passenger or as a crew member, there are many aspects which pose questions.

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BJS05 Human Performance for Pilots Simplified, 3rd Edition - John Swan

Simple to understand being written in layman’s terms, keeping the jargon to a minimum. Covering the JAA private pilots syllabus on Human Performance and Limitations. Pertinent to the student through professional pilot. Although primarily aimed at pilots, other aviation personnel will find this guide a useful introduction to this relatively new field of aviation.

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PPM080 Human Performance & Communications Theory - Cockburn

– NEW SECOND EDITION EU PART-FCL PPL NOW IN STOCK– These guides are intended to provide that information in an easily understood form. The first part of this book has been produced primarily to provide the necessary information for an applicant for a Private Pilots Licence in the study for the examination on the subject of Human Performance and Limitations, although it is not intended to cover the complete syllabus in extreme detail.

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AP007 Pooleys Air Presentations - Human Performance & Limitations PowerPoint Pack

Includes: Human Performance & Limitations PowerPoint CD Rom • Human Performance & Limitations Pilot's Work Book (Full-colour with text) 45 pages • Human Performance & Limitations Student Pilot's Work Book (B/W Loose-leaf Master Copy) • Exam 7–Human Performance & Limitations Q & A Examination Prep Book.

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PAP170S Pooleys Air Presentations – Human Perf. & Limitations Srudent Pilot's Work Book (b/w, no text)

Size A4, spiral-bound book, 45 pages, b/w with blank text boxes.

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PAP170 Pooleys Air Presentations – Human Performance & Limitations Instructor Work Book (full-colour)

Size A4, spiral-bound book, 45 pages, full-colour.

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BTG121 Emergency, Crisis on the Flight Deck - Stewart

Emergency is a collection of true stories about events where disaster seems imminent.

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BTG127 The Naked Pilot - Beaty

The Naked Pilot makes fascinating and compulsive reading. It should be compulsory reading for all trainee and experienced pilots alike, as well as air traffic controllers, corporate managers and aircraft manufacturers.

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BTG098 Human Performance and Limitations in Aviation, 3rd Edition

This book was first published when the UK Civil Aviation Authority introduced an examination in human performance and limitations for all private and professional pilot licences. Now the Joint Aviation Authorities of Europe have published a new syllabus as part of their Joint Aviation Requirements for Flight Crew Licensing.

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Pooleys Retail Catalogue Winter Edition 2018/19

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International Dawn to Dusk Competition - sponsored by Pooleys

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