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BTG024 The Gyroplane Pilot's Handbook - International Edition

The Gyroplane Pilot's Handbook - International Edition - Gyrocopter Company

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The Gyrocopter Pilot's Handbook- The Flying Exercises is the complete companion to the PPL(G) Syllabus in the UK.

This book contains a chapter for every exercise in the PPL(G) syllabus, from the initial introductory flight right through to the details of the General Flying Test. A complete briefing exists for every exercise.

This book is essential reading for every PPL(G) student and pilot. Students will find this book invaluable in helping with their training, by being able to research before a flight, and recap after a flight. Existing pilots will be able to refresh all the items that have long since been forgotten to keep their flying safe and fresh.

This book is over 435 pages and has over 150 full colour diagrams. It is spiral bound.

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