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BTG098 Human Performance and Limitations in Aviation, 3rd Edition

Human Performance and Limitations in Aviation, 3rd Edition - Marston

Product description:

Human error is cited as a major cause in over 70% of accidents, and it is widely agreed that a better understanding of human capabilities and limitations - both physical and psychological - would help reduce human error and improve flight safety.

This book was first published when the UK Civil Aviation Authority introduced an examination in human performance and limitations for all private and professional pilot licences. Now the Joint Aviation Authorities of Europe have published a new syllabus as part of their Joint Aviation Requirements for Flight Crew Licensing.

The book has been completely revised and rewritten to take account of the new syllabus. The coverage of basic aviation psychology has been greatly expanded, and the section on aviation physiology now includes topics on the high altitude environment and on health maintenance. Throughout, the text avoids excessive jargon and technical language.

"There is no doubt that this book provides an excellent basic understanding of the human body, its limitations, the psychological processes and how they interact with the aviation environment. I am currently studying for my ATPL Ground Exams and I found this book to be an invaluable aid. It is equally useful for those studying for the PPL and for all pilots who would like to be reminded of their physiological and psychological limitations."
–General Aviation, June 2002

Table of Contents

Preface; Part 1: Human Factors: Basic Concepts.

Human factors in aviation;.

Part 2: Basic Aviation Physiology and Health Maintenance.

The basics of flight physiology; Man and the environment - the sensory system; Health and Hygiene.

Part 3: Basic Aviation Psychology.

Human information processing; Human error and reliability; Decision making; Avoiding and managing errors: cockpit management; Personality; Human overload and underload; Advanced cockpit automation.

In Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.

Author Information

The late Ron Campbell, Executive Chairman of AOPA UK, was a member of the ECAC Working Group and JAA Flight Crew Licensing Committee responsible for the harmonization of pilot training and licensing in Europe. Pamela Campbell, who has also contributed to the book, is a former commercial pilot and flying instructor and is currently the International AOPA delegate on the JAA Flight Crew Licensing Committee.

Michael Bagshaw is Head of Medical Services for British Airways. He is a current professional pilot, flying instructor and examiner, and a recognised authority on human factors in aviation. He was formerly Senior Medical Officer Pilot and specialist in aviation medicine at the RAF Institute of Aviation Medicine, Farnborough, UK.

The Wiley Advantage

* includes further recent revisions to the European JAR syllabus
* a readable guide which avoids too much complexity
* suitable not only for private but also commercial pilots
* based on an international syllabus, the book will appeal to overseas training in English
* 'a very useful reference book ... worthwhile and recommended' - Australian Air Pilot


"...is not only essential reading for those taking examinations but is an invaluable guide for all of us who fly, instruct in the air, teach on the ground and examine." (The Aerospace Professional)

"The writing is concise, easy to follow, and enjoyable to read." (Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine)

"a very useful reference book...worthwhile and recommended" (Australian Air Pilot)

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