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MGW001 Advanced Aerobatics - Szurovy, Goulian

Advanced Aerobatics - Szurovy, Goulian - McGraw-Hill Education

Product description:

Now, flying basic manoeuvres has become as routine for you as rolling into a steep turn. You hanker for more; snap vertical, and hesitation rolls; outside manoeuvres; rolling circles; tail slides; inverted and flat spins; and gyroscopic manoeuvres.

In this book you will find this and more. You do not need to be a competition pilot to fly advanced aerobatics. Indeed, all pilots with basic aerobatic skill will find it enlightening to explore the realm of advanced maneuvers and to understand what really happens to an airplane outside straight-and-level flights and moderately banked turns.

From the Back Cover: Next to flying acrobatically themselves, this book is the closest pilots can get to the advanced aerobatic experience. For many pilots who do want or need to learn specific maneuvers, there is no better guidance than this book.

A lesson by lesson guide, it combines accessible text from aerobatic champions with sequential cockpit view photographs and detailed graphic illustration to provide a hands-on primer on specific advanced aerobatic manoeuvres. Each manoeuvre is given an entire chapter with a clear description of its elements; discussion of the theory behind it; step by step details on how to fly it; a look at the finer points and common errors; and corrective measures to take if something goes wrong.

ISBN 9780070633025

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