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NCB030D I PHONEX CB3-D Knee Board for iPhone X

Product description:

The CB3-D is a strong, rigid fold-over Pilots Kneeboard Organiser finished in a durable black leather grain PVC with metal protective corners with moulded back. Fitted with spring clip (top centre) for retention and use of Landing and Approach Plates, Frequency Lists and Log Pads. Includes a spring steel double expanding bracelet clip to hold chinagraph/lead pencils or pens, clear plastic flip-over protective covers on front and inside, diagonally cut pocket to hold protractor, plotter, calculator etc., reinforced eyelet for stopwatch holder and wide elasticated velcro fastening thigh strap. It also contains 6 plastic wallets to hold approach plates.

Printed silver lettering detailing comprehensive useable Flight Log, Phonetic Alphabet, Morse Code, Semi-Circular Rules, Mnemonic Position Report, Distress Message, Search and Rescue Signals and selected Transponder Codes.

Kneeboard Size: 185mm (w) x 228mm(h)


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