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PSK WEBKIT eBOOKS - Fixed Wing Pilots Starter Kit with eBooks

Product description:

A great starter pack to get the student pilot into the air.

This pack contains the following items:

  1. Digital versions (eBooks) of APM Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7
  2. Pooleys Spiral United Kingdom Flight Guide (latest edition)
  3. Pooleys NM-2 Scale Ruler
  4. Pooleys PP-1 Protractor
  5. Pooleys CRP-1 Computer
  6. Pooleys CB-3 Kneeboard & VFR Log Pad
  7. Pooleys PPL Log Book
  8. Set of permanent Lumocolour Markers
  9. CAA 1:500,000 chart of your local area (please specify area required)
  10. Pooleys FC-8 Case
  11. Pooleys High Visibility Jacket
  12. Pooleys £10 Gift Voucher.

BUY THE COMPLETE KIT AND SAVE (compared to purchasing products separately)

Pooleys eBooks are now available for Apple iPads and iPhone as well as Android devices.

Please note. Instructions to redeem and download your ebooks will be emailed to you, normally within 24 hours but please allow up to 3 days. Your Email will be sent during working hours between Monday and Friday.


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