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APD010B Pooleys Pilots Diary 2021 – Blue

Product description:


Handsomely bound in leatherette with sliver embossed lettering with silver corners. Each contains a full listing of all UK Airfields, Sunrise to Sunset tables, useful aviation data, and addresses section. Available in red also.

Other information that is included:

  1. Mini Log Book
  2. Mini Flight Guide
  3. Met Offices - Airmet
  4. Performance Factors
  5. MATZ - LARS
  6. UK Airspace
  7. UK Criteria
  8. PPL Privileges
  9. Plus much more!

NB - The 2021 edition contains some changes to previous years:

  1. The diary is now one week to view on the left hand page with a notes page on the right. This is due to our supplier discontinuing the previous format due to lack of demand.
  2. The diary starts on Monday 25th November 2020 and ends on Sunday 3rd January 2022. 
  3. The blue cover material is now back to the darker blue leatherette of 3+ years ago.

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