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APD010B Pooleys Pilots Diary 2023 – Blue

Product description:


Handsomely bound in leatherette with sliver embossed lettering with silver corners. Each contains a full listing of all UK Airfields, Sunrise to Sunset tables, useful aviation data, and addresses section. Available in red also.

Other information that is included:

  1. Mini Log Book
  2. Mini Flight Guide
  3. Met Offices - Airmet
  4. Performance Factors
  5. MATZ - LARS
  6. UK Airspace
  7. UK Criteria
  8. PPL Privileges
  9. Plus much more!

NB - The 2023 edition contains:

  1. The diary is one week to view on the left hand page with a notes page on the right. This is due to our supplier discontinuing the previous format due to lack of demand. 

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