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ICH579 2020 Poland South East VFR Chart 1:500 000 - Rogersdata

Product description:

2020 Poland South East Rogers Data VFR aeronautical chart – ICAO chart 500k

Special features for this region:

  • TRAs temporary reserved airspaces
  • TSAs temporary segregated areas
  • MRTs military routes
  • RMZs radio mandatory zones
  • ATZs aerodrome traffic zones
  • Windmills and windturbines
  • Significant points (border crossing)

All Rogers Data VFR charts are designed to the following criteria:

  • Aeronautical chart on a scale of 1:500.000
  • According to ICAO Annex 4; EU-Commission Regulations; AIP
  • Clear representation of the ATS airspace structure
  • Detailed highly sophisticated terrain map with shading and relief
  • Airports, aerodromes and heliports with additional information
  • Radio Navigation Aids with name, frequency and morse code
  • Compulsory reporting points, reporting points on request, significant points (border crossing)
  • Danger and restricted areas
  • Obstacles or group of obstacles
  • Minimum Grid Area Altitude
  • Isogonic line model with magnetic variation
  • With the Rogers Data navigation compass 500, track, time and distance in the scale of 1:500.000 can be easily measured.

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