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HME110 Sennheiser HME 110 ATC Passive Headset + FREE Headset Bag (500679)

Product description:

Ideal for ATC use as well as in general aviation aircraft. The HME 110 ATC headset with closed ear protector headphones provides excellent passive attenuation. The size of the headband is adjustable even to small heads e.g. for children. For easy and space-saving transportation the ear cups can be folded up.


  • Constant attenuation of up to 40 dB
  • Advanced transducer design ensures excellent speech intelligibility
  • Twin plug leads
  • Headphone volume control
  • Noise-compensated boom microphone for superior speech transmission.
  • High wearing comfort due to very soft ear pads and headband pad
  • Attractive and elegant ear cup design: black with high-tech finish
  • 5 year warranty.


  • 1 HME 110 ATC with twin plug leads
  • 1 HZC 08 cable clip
  • 1 MZW MZW 45 windshield.

– Plus a FREE Pooleys single headset bag –

Sennheiser HME 110 ATC headsets with closed-ear noise protection provide excellent passive attenuation for air traffic controllers or surveillance operators in particularly noisy environments.

A noise-cancelling microphone ensures excellent speech transmission and soft ear pads and headband deliver long-wearing comfort. To set the headset's sound for varying sound environments, microphone sensitivity can be simply adjusted and a handy volume control on the headset optimises sound on the fly if conditions change. It's also possible to choose between mono and stereo operation.

A fully adjustable design ensures a firm fit for any user and ca choice of cable lengths and jack options make it simple to adapt to any system or platform.


  • Sennheiser voice clarity for accurate communication, provides a natural listening experience.
  • Excellent speech transmission noise cancelling microphone reduces ambient noise to improve intelligibility and reduce 'all-back/read-back events.
  • Noise reduction with closed ear cups offering passive attenuation up to 40db.
  • Quick volume adjustment with built in volume control on ear cup. Can be disable if needed.
  • Flexible microphone boom can be worn on either left or right hand side.
  • Choice of mono/stereo with simple switching for dual communications sources.
  • Cable/connector/PTT wide range of cables and connectors, can be customised.



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