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Bacoban for Aerospace 3% Fogging Type – 10 Litre Container

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Bacoban for Aerospace 3%  Fogging Type – 10 Litre ContainerImage Id:150252
Bacoban for Aerospace 3%  Fogging Type – 10 Litre ContainerImage Id:150253
Bacoban for Aerospace 3%  Fogging Type – 10 Litre ContainerImage Id:150251


  • 365 Days Protection against Virus (inc. Covid)
  • ASTM E 2180 Laboratory Tested
  • Contact Time 1 Minute EN 13697

Bacoban For Aerospace 1% DL Standard Hand Applied Product. Broad-spectrum, ready-for-use aircraft disinfectant that Kills a wide range of Viruses and Bacteria. Biocide Formulation: no harsh fumes, non-corrosive, bleach-free making it suitable for all aircraft internal surfaces.

Aircraft disinfection is a common and extensively used process used by airlines and private operators on a regular basis. Disinfection with Bacoban for Aerospace prevents passengers being infected by the growing number of viruses we hear about in the news including the Covid-19 strain.

Bacoban for Aerospace, a leading cabin disinfectant for use on board aircraft, can be used in all areas.

For full details, please read the safety and efficacy sheets that can be downloaded below.






  1. Sol-Gel nano thin SiO2 layer containing the active ingredient Quaternary ammonium compounds. The active ingredient continues to destroy any bacteria or viruses which land on the surface.
  2. Surface cleaned with Bacoban for Aerospace.

Bacoban for Aerospace, disinfection spray, is an Aircraft Cabin Antiviral & Antibacterial Cleaner for aircraft disinfection.

Following the cabin disinfection, the first passenger carrying any virus will re-infect the aircraft allowing the virus to be spread amongst passengers. This problem has now been solved by using Bacoban for Aerospace.

This unique product will provide continuous protection against microbes for 365 days (Laboratory tested)! No other product on the market will provide continuous protection in this way. Viruses, bacteria and fungus will be destroyed continuously for this period. Infections on-board aircraft will be dramatically reduced.

Bacoban for Aerospace establishes an ultra-thin nano layer with a lasting effect. The technology used is a sol-gel process that develops a solid gel nano layer. The biocides used to kill germs and viruses are embedded in the porous structure of the sponge like sol-gel and are washed out again slowly when coming into contact with water (bacteria, enveloped viruses and fungi are always surrounded by water). Bacoban for Aerospace is the idea aircraft disinfectant.

Bacoban for Aerospace has been tested for the effective destruction of the following viruses:

  • Bacteria: Staphyloccocus aureus, Pseudomanas aeruginosa, Escherichea faecalis etc.
  • Viruses: Coronavirus, Monkeypox, Langya Virus, Hepatitus B and C, HIV, Influenza including H5N1 and H1N1, Rotaviruses, Adenoviruses, Herpes, and many more.

Test certification is available


  • Effective for 365 days (Laboratory Tested) against viruses,
  • 365 days against bacteria eg. Covid & Monkeypox. (Laboratory Tested).
  • 1 minute contact time EN 13697
  • Easy application, wipe on, wipe off.
  • Aviation approved disinfectant.
  • Aircraft disinfectant.

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