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A Pooleys Pilot Aircraft Guide – Piper Warrior PA28

Pooleys stock code: PAG040

Latest Issue: Second Edition, reprinted with amendments January 2022 This Aircraft Guide from Pooleys covers everything you need to know about the Piper Warrior PLUS it has been printed in full colour.

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A Pooleys Pilot Aircraft Guide – Piper Warrior PA28 eBook

Pooleys stock code: PAG040E

Latest Issue: Second Edition reprinted with amendments January 2022 Pooleys eBooks are now available for Apple iPads and iPhones, as well as Android devices.

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Piper PA28 Checklist

Pooleys stock code: NCL028

All Pooleys Check Lists are spiral bound, produced in flip-over format and have the unusual benefit of being printed on durable plastic paper to withstand frequent use.

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Piper Warrior PA28 Cockpit Poster

Pooleys stock code: XPP122PA28

These beautifully illustrated A2 posters are ideal for any classroom.

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ASA Pilot's Guide Series: PA28 Cherokee

Pooleys stock code: ASA108

Each guide is a comprehensive book on the fundamentals of flying the specified airplane.

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