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Fear of Flying Course

Pooleys stock code: AIN100

Aviation Insiders Fear of Flying Programme is specifically tailored to help anyone overcome their phobia of travelling in an aircraft. We offer these sessions to anyone who wants to face their fears and gain a greater understanding of how an aircraft is controlled by seeing first hand all the safety measures and systems that pilots have to keep their passengers safe. We will go through in detail, every stage of flight and will start with a briefing before the session on the basics of the aircraft and other important information. You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want before our fully qualified pilot instructor will then take you to the simulator of the aircraft you have chosen, to go through a session that will be built around your personal specifications.

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Flight Simulator Experience

Pooleys stock code: AIN200

Aviation Insider gives anyone the opportunity to fly a large commercial jet aircraft. Experience the thrill of being an Airline Pilot! Our ultra-realistic, full-motion simulators are normally used by airlines for the rigorous process of pilot training and checking.

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Light Aircraft Experience

Pooleys stock code: AIN300

Aviation Insider gives anyone the opportunity to fly either a PA28 or C172. These aircraft are the most popular training aircraft in the world. Experience the thrill of being a Pilot!

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