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An Introduction to Air Rallying – Fenton

Pooleys stock code: BTA015

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the art of Air Rallying.

 £6.00 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

Clear for Take-Off – John Campbell

Pooleys stock code: BTG810

In the exacting world of aviation, former Air Traffic Controller John Campbell takes an affectionate journey back into his days in Air Traffic Control, whilst providing us with hilarious anecdotes, gentle humour and disparaging asides, all completely TRUE.

 £19.99 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

Country Flying - Farr

Pooleys stock code: BTA014

An informative and lighthearted guide will illustrations covering the operation of an aircraft from a farm strip.

 £8.00 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

An Aviator's Field Guide to Middle-Altitude Flying – ASA

Pooleys stock code: FAA278
Manufacturer's part number: MIDALT

Practical skills and tips for flying between 10,000 and 25,000 feet MSL.

 £13.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

ASA Fliers: In Their Own Words - Goode

Pooleys stock code: BTG996

Explores the lives and careers of 14 different pilots: from aerobat Patty Wagstaff, to bush pilots, airline captains, airshow clowns, and more.

 £11.50 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane - Brown

Pooleys stock code: FAA253

A great read for anyone—not just pilots! This exceptional collection of flying stories is one ride that should not be missed.

 £18.00 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

An Aviator's Field Guide to Buying an Airplane

Pooleys stock code: FAA281

Practical insights for purchasing a personal aircraft.

 £12.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

An Aviator's Field Guide to Owning an Airplane

Pooleys stock code: FAA280

Practical insights for successful aircraft ownership.

 £12.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

Mountain, Canyon, and Backcountry Flying (Softcover)

Pooleys stock code: FAA122

Open up a whole new world of recreation by learning to fly, land and takeoff in remote and challenging landscapes.

 £36.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

Beyond Flight Training - LeRoy Cook

Pooleys stock code: FAA121

Adventures and opportunities for the newly certificated pilot.

 £18.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

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