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An Introduction to Air Rallying – Fenton

Pooleys stock code: BTA015

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the art of Air Rallying.

£6.00 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

Tiger! By Stuart McKay

Pooleys stock code: AFE003

The De Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth.

£29.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

An Aviator's Field Guide to Middle-Altitude Flying – ASA

Pooleys stock code: FAA278

Practical skills and tips for flying between 10,000 and 25,000 feet MSL.

£12.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

ASA Fliers: In Their Own Words - Goode

Pooleys stock code: BTG996

Explores the lives and careers of 14 different pilots: from aerobat Patty Wagstaff, to bush pilots, airline captains, airshow clowns, and more.

£10.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

An Aviator's Field Guide to Buying an Airplane

Pooleys stock code: FAA281

Practical insights for purchasing a personal aircraft.

£12.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

An Aviator's Field Guide to Owning an Airplane

Pooleys stock code: FAA280

Practical insights for successful aircraft ownership.

£12.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

Introduction to Mountain Flying – Landscapes of the Alps

Pooleys stock code: CVV011

This work is intended for light aircraft pilots but also for those who are passionate about beautiful mountain landscapes.

£19.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

Flying Concorde, The Full Story - Calvert

Pooleys stock code: BTG122

This new edition of what has become one of the major references to the world's first and only supersonic airliner, has an added section that covers the cause of the Paris tragedy and the remedies and improvements that have been made in the light of the accident report. It also brings the reader up to date with many other improvements that have been made to the aeroplane that will keep it in service for many years to come.

£16.99 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

100 Ways to Fly More and get more out of flying - Falcus

Pooleys stock code: BTG188

100 Ways to Fly More is an inspiring set of tips and advice for anyone who wants to get more out of flying and take it to the next level. It covers all experience levels and purposes of flying.

£9.99 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

The Race for the Cape – Martin Barraclough

Pooleys stock code: VAR010

For the first time Martin Barraclough tells the full story how, throughout the last century, British and South African pilots conquered the air routes from London to Cape Town with ever-increasing speeds.

£30.00 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

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