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Pilots Stopwatch Clip

Pooleys stock code: ASW011

This fully adjustable spring-steel clip is ideal for mounting the stopwatch features above on Pooleys Knee Boards, Flight Boards and aircraft trims and panels etc.

£6.50 including VAT (20%)  View details

Professional Sport Timer

Pooleys stock code: ASW013

Multi-purpose stopwatch

£24.95 including VAT (20%)  View details

Adriatica Swiss Made Ronda 5030 Stopwatch ANO.10.CH

Pooleys stock code: WAT200

A stopwatch for the cockpit that can be screwed to the dashboard.

£168.95 including VAT (20%)  View details

Adriatica Swiss Made Ronda 5030 Watch with Leather Strap A1088.Y224CH

Pooleys stock code: WAT211


£178.96 including VAT (20%)  View details

Flight Timer - ASA

Pooleys stock code: ASW012

Designed by pilots for pilots, the ASA Flight Timer is a one of a kind chronometer that fills a gap in the instruction and pilot aid category.

£47.95 including VAT (20%)  View details