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Compass Roses

Pooleys stock code: NCC010

Particularly useful to provide an instant visual location of a Private Strip, Helipad or Balloon launch site etc.

 £4.99 including VAT (20%)  View details

PP-1 Square Protractor

Pooleys stock code: NPP010

Standard Fying School Issue

 £7.50 including VAT (20%)  View details

PP-2 Commercial Square Protractor

Pooleys stock code: NPP020

Standard Commercial School Issue

 £7.50 including VAT (20%)  View details

PP-3 Round Protractor

Pooleys stock code: NPP030

Round 110mm diameter protractor with 0-360 scale on outside edge.

 £7.25 including VAT (20%)  View details

PP-4 Tricolore

Pooleys stock code: NPP040

Tricolore 223mm x 85mm.

 £9.50 including VAT (20%)  View details

PP-8 Triangular Track Line Protractor

Pooleys stock code: NPP080

Designed to give True or Magnetic headings and Reciprocals from Meridians or Magnetic North pointers when hypotenuse is aligned with the desired Track. Under-printed with white border for greater definition of headings scale. Incorporates Millimetre scale to 20mm and knob for easier operation.

 £11.95 including VAT (20%)  View details

PP-9 Square Protractor with White Border

Pooleys stock code: NPP090

128mm square.

 £7.99 including VAT (20%)  View details