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NAN020 ANZP-1 Plotter with Rotating Protractor

This plotter features a fully rotating circular protractor attached to a multi-scale.

£14.50 including VAT (20%)View details

NBP010 BPC-1 Pooleys Baring Position Plotter

For fast, simple Position Fixing on 1:500,000 Topographical Aeronautical Charts.

£12.95 including VAT (20%)View details

NRN070 Magnifier

Magnifier with scales 1:250 000nm and 1:500 000nm and degrees.

£8.68 including VAT (20%)View details

NPC020 PC-2 Bearing Plotter

The PC-2 bearing plotter is manufactured in clear plastic with black lettering and graduations.

£12.50 including VAT (20%)View details

NRN010 RNP-1

Designed for use with topographical and radio navigation charts this plotter is simple, versatile and multi-functional.

£8.99 including VAT (20%)View details

NRN020 RNP-2

RNP-2 Chart Plotter for fast, combined readings of headings and distances.

£8.75 including VAT (20%)View details

NRN030 RNP-3

Radio Nav Plotter.

£2.65 including VAT (20%)View details

NRN040 RNP-4

Pack of two VOR DME Plotters with a packet of five studs.

£7.99 including VAT (20%)View details

NRN080 TAP VFR-1 Plotter

Used for fast calculation of distances and headings.

£10.50 including VAT (20%)View details

NTP010 TNP-1 Plotter with Semi-Circular Protractor

This plotter incorporates a semi-circular protractor and multi-scale.

£13.50 including VAT (20%)View details

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