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Pen and Pencil Clips

Pooleys stock code: XSC0-0

Spring steel expanding bracelet Pen/Pencil holders with retaining clip suitable for attachment to Flight Case pockets, Map Folders and Aircraft Trims etc.

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Compass Dividers

Pooleys stock code: NCD900

Most widely used dividers in flight planning and selected by all commercial training schools in the United Kingdom.

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Lumocolor Felt Pens

Pooleys stock code: XSL030 / XSL040

Permanent or non-permanent versions with medium points and are supplied in a multicolour pack containing one each of black, blue, red and green.

From £6.38/
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Chinagraph Pencils Pack of 12

Pooleys stock code: XSP---

Colour Options: BLACK, BLUE & RED.

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Propelling Pencils - Staedtler

Pooleys stock code: XSP---

Staedtler Propelling Pencils available in 2 colours: XSP011 Black, XSP013 Red. Refills also available: XSP030BK Refill Black, XSP030RD Refill Red.

From £7.71/
£9.25 including VAT (20%)  View details

Chinagraph Pencils

Pooleys stock code: XSP02-

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Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser

Pooleys stock code: XSE010

Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser for removing markings made by felt pens.

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