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An Introduction to Air Rallying – Fenton

Pooleys stock code: BTA015

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the art of Air Rallying.

 £6.00 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

Pooleys Night Rating Manual & Syllabus

Pooleys stock code: BTC024

Provides a useful and informative reference for night flying and specifies requirements for the night rating syllabus.

 £18.00 including VAT (20%)  View details

ASA Dream Aircraft - Schiff

Pooleys stock code: BTG995

Barry Schiff recounts "the most fascinating airplanes I've ever flown"; includes pilot reports and beautiful photography for 33 rare & popular aircraft.

 £19.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

ASA International Aircraft Directory - World's Most Popular Aircraft

Pooleys stock code: FAA246

The editors of Plane & Pilot have created the perfect gift for pilots and aviation buffs. Now in its 3rd Edition, it has become a must-have reference for anyone interested in aviation.

 £16.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

ASA Logging Flight Time - Kershner

Pooleys stock code: FAA232

A collection of anecdotes covering aviation expert Bill Kershner’s most memorable experiences.

 £16.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

ASA The Advanced Pilot's Flight Manual - Kershner

Pooleys stock code: FAA268

Since the first edition of this manual published in 1962, it has long been a standard reference for veteran pilots preparing for the commercial knowledge and flight tests.

 £21.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

ASA The Art of Flying - Buck

Pooleys stock code: MGW011

Through his experience and the best research in aerodynamics, meteorology, and accident prevention, Robert Buck reviews the keys to master each phase of a flight.

 £15.50 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

ASA The Complete Advanced Pilot – 6th Edition

Pooleys stock code: FAA233
Manufacturer's part number: ASACAP6

A combined Commercial and Instrument course.

 £39.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

Caravan: Cessna's Swiss Army Knife with Wings! - ASA

Pooleys stock code: FAA228

Join authors J.D. Lewis and LeRoy Cook in a detailed exploration of the incredible Cessna Caravan.

 £19.95 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

Making Perfect Takeoffs & Landings in Light Airplanes - Fowler

Pooleys stock code: FAA076

Learn how to develop total awareness for the situation, the airplane, and the self—and to convert that awareness into perfect takeoffs and landings.

 £17.50 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

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