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Instrument Flying Spectacles – Foggles

Pooleys stock code: GFH020

Pooleys IFG-1 are partially opaqued spectacles designed to be worn during instrument flying practice to restrict upward and lateral visibility when the aircraft had not been fitted with blind flying screens.

 £16.50 including VAT (20%)  View details

Mini Dim It, Moveable Sun Visor

Pooleys stock code: SGE222

Mini DIM-IT is a transparent, moveable visor of distortion free LEXAN.

 £13.50 including VAT (20%)  View details

Instrument Cover, Soft Vinyl Suction Cup

Pooleys stock code: NIB010

 £6.60 including VAT (20%)  View details

ASA Jiffy Hood

Pooleys stock code: AFH020

View-limiting device, used for instrument training; pilot wears to see the instrument panel and block outside references.

 £16.96 including VAT (20%)  View details

Overcasters - ASA

Pooleys stock code: AFH040

The lightweight, simple and effective view-limiting device for simulating instrument conditions in the cockpit environment.

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JeppShades, Flip-up IFR Training Glasses

Pooleys stock code: JEP097

The cockpit proven design works conveniently under headsets and the Velcro (TM) adjusting strap reduces pressure on ears and temples. The JeppShades flip-up lens allows convenient IFR/VFR flight transition

 £32.95 including VAT (20%)  View details