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Pooleys Pilot's Flying Log Book

Pooleys stock code: NLB010

Standard issue in flying schools throughout the UK. This logbook conforms to air navigation order requirements. Used mostly by student and private pilots.

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CAP 407 - Personal Flying Log Book (aircraft operating crew)

Pooleys stock code: BCA110

 £25.20 including VAT (20%)  View details

CAP 637 - Visual Aids Handbook

Pooleys stock code: BTA166

A compendium intended to explain in general terms the purpose of visual aids employed at UK licensed airports.

 £17.00 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

CAP 696 - Loading Manual

Pooleys stock code: BTA167

 £12.00 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

CAP 697 - Flight Planning Manual

Pooleys stock code: BTA168

Civil Aviation Authority JAR FCL Examinations Flight Planning Manual.

 £15.75 including VAT (Exempt)  View details

CAP 804 - Flight Crew Licensing: Mandatory Requirements, Policy & Guidance

Pooleys stock code: BCA051

CAP 804 Flight Crew Licensing: Mandatory requirements policy and guidance: Amendment 2015/01 to CAP 804, dated 8 April 2015 2015 edition.

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