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Nordian Air Law & ATC Procedures Manual (A & H) (5D)

Pooleys stock code: NOR100

This book provides the future commercial pilot with all the knowledge necessary for passing the exam in Air Law. You will find everything from International Agreements and Organisations to Procedures for Air Navigation, Rules of the Air, Air Traffic Services, Aerodromes, Security and much more. Edition 7.2


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Nordian Airframes & Systems (A) (5D)

Pooleys stock code: NOR101

This book covers everything from the basic construction of a single engine aircraft to the most advanced fuel systems of modern multi-engine Jets. The book is easy and enjoyable to read, and it has nearly 200 colourful illustrations. Edition 7.2


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Nordian Communications (A & H) (5D)

Pooleys stock code: NOR102

Constant attention to correct phraseology and procedures will result in their use becoming automatic, thus ensuring a high standard of aeronautical radiotelephony which again will contribute to the safety of operations. Edition 7.2

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Nordian Electrics (A & H) (5D)

Pooleys stock code: NOR103

The first part of this book gives the student pilot an introduction to the Fundamentals of Electrics and Magnetism. Further on, you will learn about topics like Batteries, Capacitors, Semiconductors and Computer Technology. Edition 7.2

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Nordian General Navigation (A & H) (5D)

Pooleys stock code: NOR105

General Navigation has always been considered one of the most demanding subjects for student pilots. With this book in General Navigation the student is provided with a great help in his or her effort to prepare for the ATPL exam. Edition 7.2

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Nordian Human Performance & Limitations (A & H) (5D)

Pooleys stock code: NOR106

Human factors’ training is a requirement of both the ICAO and EASA. The relevance of human factors may be simply summed up by the fact that approximately 75% of all air accidents are now accountable to human error in one form or another. Edition 7.2

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Nordian Mass & Balance (A) (5D)

Pooleys stock code: NOR108

EASA Syllabus - Edition 6. Together with the books "Performance" and "Flight Planning", this book covers the curriculum in the subject "Flight Performance and Planning" as required by EASA. Emphasis has been given on providing the student with the basic physics knowledge required to be able to form the set of equations necessary to find the centre of gravity position. Edition 7.2

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Nordian Meteorology (A & H) (5D)

Pooleys stock code: NOR109

This book is based on the EASA ATPL Learning Objectives, and provides the student with all the knowledge necessary for passing the EASA ATPL exam in Meteorology. Edition 7.2

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Nordian Operational Procedures (A) (5D)

Pooleys stock code: NOR110

Operational Procedures "Operational Procedures" is the subject that deals with the regulatory aspects of operating an aeroplane in a commercial environment.

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Nordian Powerplant (A) (5D)

Pooleys stock code: NOR112

This book is divided into two sections. Section one is the Reciprocating Engine, and cover topics like: Lubrication, Cooling, Ignition, Carburetion, Fuel Injection, Fuel Systems, Engine Performance, Power Augmentation, Handling and Propellers. Edition 7.2

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