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Rust Remover for Pilots - Irv Lee

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Rust Remover for Pilots - Irv Lee

Rust Remover for Pilots

But if you haven't flown for a few week and...

  • Flight planning is a bit muddled.
  • You're hesitant on the pre-flight checks.
  • The aircraft gets ahead of you.
  • ATC seems to talk too fast.
  • Your circuits are inaccurate.
  • Your landings are safe but a bit rough..

You're "Rusty" and Irv Lee's RUST REMOVER FOR PILOTS will help scrape it off!

It is not a flight training programme, we know you can fly already. This dvd covers those faults in VFR flying and pre-flight that he regularly finds in all 'rusty' pilots. It allows you to re-visit all those situations before you go near an aircraft and helps you with a flying work-out routine to get you back on top of it.

Included in the workout:

  • Pilot, are you fit to fly?
  • Pre-flight navigation planning.
  • Simple GPS to aid visual navigation.
  • Aircraft serviceability.
  • Pre-flight checks and fuelling
  • Use of mnemonic checklists.
  • Take off performance and climb out.
  • Trimming for the climb and cruise.
  • Standard and steep turns.
  • Map reading tips to avoid controlled airspace infringements.
  • The overhead join and circuit.
  • Setting up the approach to land.
  • The correct way to touch down.
  • The aborted landing and go-around.
  • The glide approach without power.

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