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The Private Helicopter Pilot's Guide - Sparrow

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The Private Helicopter Pilot's Guide - Sparrow

This manual was written because there appeared to be a lack of standard material for trainee helicopter pilots and their instructors to share. It was not intended to a an all-encompassing and definitive work. It does not attempt to fully cover all of the subjects than many tother  books have already done very well (tech, Nav, Met, Principles of flight) but must include parts of those subjects to be worthy of its title and accompany students through training and flying experience. 

Some of the explanations of principles and effects that are included are quite detailed. Students vary in how they learn best. Some will only need to know (for instance) the bottom line, how a principle actually affects the helicopter. They can just skip to the conclusion and still be safe. Other students, however will need to know shy it happens to learn effectively. This manual is written for both.

Only after the first edition had been written and consultation copies were returned by those giving valuable input did i realise just how the subject of training helicopter pilots varies within the general framework.

It was clear that i could not make this manual perfect for every individual instructor's style. I decided to be as general as possible and avoid ending up with a thousand pages!

Instructors have individual areas of strong focus and preferences of their own, that has become plain. Opinions and teaching methods vary on many things, none of them are right or wrong, they just differ. I have tried to accommodate as may variations as possible whilst remaining clear. Note that the exercise briefings included are not intended for instructors to use word for word, they provide only a basis for development o find individuals style from a wider viewpoint. they also provide a reminder (maybe years on) of the exercised for the pilot, after a licence has been gained. However, they are not intended to replace regular flight safety reviews with an instructor. 

You will notice that the manual has a very strong R22 bias. The reasoning behind that is simple - I teach using an R22 and its is the most popular training platform in the world. That seemed to be the right way to do this, for the majority. However, most of the subject matter (except for specific speeds and values currently used for the R22) is relevant to all light piston helicopters in all countries. Lots of difference with it will. no double arises abut remember it is a generalization of a vast subject.

ISBN 978-1-84336-331-6


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