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British Gliding Association

The British Gliding Association (BGA) is the governing body for the sport of gliding in the UK. Their members are the 80+ clubs that provide gliding facilities for their members – clubs that are spread throughout the UK from the North of Scotland to the South West tip of England and which range from small, member-run clubs through to some of the largest gliding clubs in the world. Through these clubs they represent and provide services to some 8500 UK glider pilots.
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British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

From its head office in Leicester the BHPA supports a country-wide network of recreational clubs and registered schools and provides the infrastructure within which hang gliding and paragliding in the UK thrive. The BHPA oversees pilot and instructor training standards and provides technical support such as airworthiness standards and coaching courses for qualified hang gliding and paragliding pilots.
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British Microlight Aircraft Association

The British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) looks after the interests of microlight pilots and enthusiasts in the UK. It is an organisation approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Its aims are to further the sport of microlight aviation, keep flying costs down to a minimum for its members and to represent them in national and international matters relating to the sport.
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Civil Aviation Authority

The UK's specialist aviation regulator.
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Flying Farmers Association

The Flying Farmers Association (FFA) is open to any farmer, forester or landowner who owns an aircraft or operates an airstrip. Those whose work in businesses is related to agriculture may also be eligible to join. The FFA's main activity for members is organising events – Annually, 6 or 7 one day events, some 2 day events and a European Study Tour which is usually about 10 days are organised for members. Over the last 35 years, they have visited almost every country in Europe and some North African countries. The FFA aim to be recognised by all the major bodies within aviation by having representatives at GAAC, GAP and GASCo. They also donate 10% of their membership fees to AOPA, LAC, GAAC and GASCo.
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Honourable Company of Air Pilots

The Company was established as a Guild in 1929 in order to ensure that pilots and navigators of the (then) fledgling aviation industry were accepted and regarded as professionals. From the beginning, the Guild was modelled on the lines of the Livery Companies of the City of London, which were originally established to protect the interests and standards of those involved in their respective trades or professions. In 1956, the Guild was formally recognised as a Livery Company. In 2014, it was granted a Royal Charter in the name of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots. Today, the principal activities of the Company are centred on sponsoring and encouraging action and activities designed to ensure that aircraft are piloted and navigated safely by individuals who are highly competent, self-reliant, dependable and respected. The Company fosters the sound education and training of air pilots from the initial training of the young pilot to the specialist training of the more mature. Through charitable activities, education and training, technical committee work, aircrew aptitude testing, scholarships and sponsorship, advice and recognition of the achievements of fellow aviators world-wide, the Company keeps itself at the forefront of the aviation world.
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Light Aircraft Association

Established in 1946, the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) has a huge depth of knowledge and experience in looking after their sport and members. From lowly beginnings, they have built an impressive association that today boast around 8,000 members and oversees the airworthiness of 2,600 aircraft, plus a further 1,500 aircraft build projects. They have forged an enviable reputation for determination and fairness within the corridors of power in the UK and Europe and are one of the principle representative groups providing balanced consultative input on matters such as airspace, planning and safety regulation.
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Royal Aero Club

The Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom (RAeC) is the national co-ordinating body for Air Sport in the United Kingdom. The Patron is Her Majesty the Queen and President is His Royal Highness The Duke of York, KG Their history and origins date back to 1901, when they were founded as a Club for balloonists. The Club is made up of member organisations and individual members. The Full Members are the national governing bodies of the major individual air sports in the UK and they each appoint a representative to the Governing Council. Associate and Corporate Member Organisations and Individual Members provide valuable additional support.
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Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS)

The world's only professional body dedicated to the entire aerospace community. Established in 1866 to further the art, science and engineering of aeronautics, the Society has been at the forefront of aerospace ever since. - See more at: http://aerosociety.com/#sthash.12CmneIt.dpuf
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Royal Institute of Navigation

The Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN) is a learned society with charitable status. Formed in 1947, its aims have always been threefold: To unite all those with a professional or personal interest in any aspect of navigation in one unique body; To further the development of navigation in every sphere; And to increase public awareness of the art and science of navigation. In 2007, in recognition of the importance of its work, the RIN was granted a Royal Charter by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
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The Helicopter Club of Great Britain

The Helicopter Club of Great Britain was founded in 1966 to bring together helicopter pilots, owners and enthusiasts. Their objectives are to encourage and support the use of the helicopter as a means of social, private, business, corporate and emergency transport and to generate a wider interest in the sporting use of helicopters in the UK; also to promote safety and encourage awareness of environmental needs and to represent helicopter owners and pilots to Government Authorities. They organise helicopter events throughout the year including the British Helicopter Championships. They represent the interest of club members with board representatives serving on the Boards of the BHA, RAeC, FAI, CAA and EASA. Their membership is some five hundred helicopter pilots and owners. The President of the HCGB is His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.
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